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Welcome to Dana Weaver Makes Music.com! Thank you for visiting my new home, which I am excited to share with you. Here we can connect musically with one another. For the last two decades I have been blessed to compose thought-provoking music that comes straight from my soul. Nothing is more fulfilling than for me to finally have a place to share my collection of musical experiences with you. Discover the music of Dana Weaver

Immerse yourself in the experience…


Music is a feeling, it’s therapeutic, and for me it’s an experience. That is why I am thrilled to announce my new collection of musical experiences that were created just for you! This is where you can come, vibe to and relive my music whenever you are unable be part of the live experience.

Let’s say you’re planning a romantic evening, songs from my For Lovers Only musical experience are sure to create that magical ambience you’re in search of. Because life can be full of challenges, when you’re in need of some motivation and encouragement, you can always find an uplifting message in my Soul Food musical experience. Imagine being able to be part of and to share these musical experiences with anyone, anytime you wish?


What musical experience will you choose today?

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